The Russian invasion of Ukraine has caused sorrow and pain. As of now more than 10 Million people have fled their homes and many of them have crossed borders in order to seek safety.

Countless people who have nothing. No clothes, no food, no accommodation and no hope. There are over a 1,000 casualties of innocent civilians who either decided to stay in their home country or did not have the possibility to flee. Ukrainians are constantly exposed to the carnage of the bombs and shelling of the attack which is reported to be the fastest-growing refugee crisis since second world war.

The infrastructure of Ukraine’s cities is unrecognizable. Thousands of people are without adequate water, electricity and heat while they are not even able to reach stores to purchase stores because they have to fear for their life outside of their shelter. Even children’s hospitals and health facilities are a aftermath of the attack.

How do we support Ukrainians who fled from war? Our goal is to support the Ukrainian Refugees by providing a platform on which people have the opportunity to look after and help each other without the expectation for something in return.

We stand for love, compassion and hope. In order to live in a world of these values we all have to take responsibility. Responsibility which means everything to the ones who are in need.

Let’s help, let’s share, let’s live. 

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